Macrame - An Ancient Tradition for the Modern Fashion World

Do you know what you are wearing?

Bracelets and other jewelry can be made from macramé, a kind of rope braiding which keeps gemstones firmly in place. It is traced to the 13th century when Arabian weavers made knots known as “fringe” at loomed fabric edges. Today, many crafts are incomplete without macramé. And here at Ivory Soho we employ it for many of our bracelets. Find out more benefits of macramé leather.

History of Macramé Leather

Arabia is the home of macramé. The leather and other materials were used at the end of fabric. Next, it travelled into Spain and Turkey. And in the 14th century, churches in France and Italy used altar cloths made with macramé. Some believe that North American sailors made various types of knots with this leather.

Later on in the 17th and 19th centuries, the British adopted it and contributed to its overall popularity. A few years after this, America and China adopted it and used it to produce fashion bags, handbags, flower hangers, and other containers. It, therefore, became widely used for commercial purposes.

Various knots can be made with the macramé leather. These include half knot, square knot, double half hitch, and overhand knot. Interestingly, many more knots can be combined from these primary and popular knots. In China, there are macrame knots known as “Good Luck” and “Monkey’s Fist.” Macramé materials include leather, jute, shoelace, nylon, and rayon among others. 

Benefits of Macramé Leather 

As a result of the creativity that goes into the knotting of macramé, many people enjoy doing it for a craft. In fact, some people believe that macramé is a natural therapy for improving mental abilities, strengthening arms and joints, improving concentration, and calming the mind. This, however, doesn’t imply that it requires no great artistic skill. Using macramé requires being in a meditative mood and carefully weaving the leather into knots and cords.

Macramé leather can also be used in many home and fashion products. Bags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, door hangings, hanging baskets, and plant hangers can be decorated with this classic braiding.

When used in bracelets, macramé looks exquisite and defines your look. It further makes a statement about your choice of fashion accessories, since it is common belief that handmade jewelry are often meticulously created. Usually, this classic rope braiding is used to keep beads and gemstones together firmly and nicely. Likewise, it is versatile, flexible, and adaptable to many products.

The versatility of macramé makes it a perfect match for colorful gemstones and other beads that made bracelets charming. Visit our collections now for bracelets made with macramé leather.

The more you know! All our macrame bracelets are handmade.

April 26, 2018 by Brian Powers