Stingray Leather - A True Luxury

Why Stingray Leather is a Preferred Choice

Stingray leather is widely known for the luxurious and exotic look it offers jewelry, purses, wallets, and inlays. In fact, car manufacturers employ it for trims, upholstery, and car interiors. This skin is one of the most durable leathers with a strong feel and a rich variety of sizes and colors that make it suitable for any purpose.

History of Stingray Leather

This beautiful and strong leather has its reputable place both with royalty and diverse people from all over the world. But how did it become so famous and highly sought after? The Japanese Samurais in several hundreds of years ago adopted this leather in their armors. The Stingray leather provided the firm hold of the sword and was pretty lightweight. Ancient artisans in Egypt also found it remarkable for their needs.

Apart from the fact that the leather possesses inherent strength toward tear, fire, and abrasions, it’s also waterproof. Hence, getting a bracelet with this material would be a perfect decision to own a life-long jewelry. The luxury that accompanies it is mostly enjoyed by people in New York, Milan, and Paris as high-end boutiques specialize in products made with the stingray leather.

The Preferred Choice for Jewelry Makers

Likewise, its structure is an appealing sight to behold. Its pebbly texture makes leather bracelets worth every $$$ spent. Although the hand-wrapping process may take some reasonable amount of time, a completed bracelet on your wrist blended with carefully selected skin is brilliant. And since these leathers cannot be harmed by water or fire, you can trust that purchasing jewelry of this nature will increase your collection of fashion accessories and improve your look and style.

Benefits of Stingray Leather

Nothing beats the many possible uses of the stingray leather. Plus, it can be dyed into any color and come out with a smooth or rough finish.

  • It can be used for wallets for men and women. Such wallets can last a lifetime since the skin is durable, strong, and beautiful.
  • Shoes and boots can be made from the stingray skin since it’s naturally bumpy. The diamond shape in its fish has a pearl-like substance and having this material on shoes makes designs stand out.
  • Stingray on chairs and sofas can be amazing since it beats pig skin or cow hide leather. While these can get torn or worn after some time, stingray cannot be punctured or look less than sophisticated.
  • It comes in different sizes – medium, large, and long, and can serve any purpose once properly made and measured.

At Ivory Soho, we have a rich collection of bracelets made with stingray leather. Whether it’s the Amalfi Stingray or the Sorrento Stingray or any other choice, you can be sure that it’ll give you that wealthy look and keep people admiring your fashion taste. Shop for your preferred bracelet now!