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Do you know what you are wearing?

Fashion accessories are perfect complements for outfits and personality. So, when you match a Luciano bracelet with your causal or even business informal outfit, expect to make a statement. These handmade accessories are made with precious metals. They elevate your style and keep you looking chic all day. In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of zircon for bracelets and rings. Also, you’ll find the benefits of zircon for every wearer.

Benefits of Zircon for Bracelets and Rings

Most bracelets and rings on Ivory Soho are made with zircon because of its many pluses. Zircon is one of the gemstones that can be found in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. It is popularly appreciated for its high refractive index, hardness level, and positive energy.

It comes in a variety of colors ranging from red, orange, purple, grey, green, yellow, brown, blue to white. Likewise, the numerous color options make it easy for jewelry makers to produce several versions of the same jewelry or other forms of jewelry.

Zircon is a popular choice as a result of the limitless colors which represent different body parts. The colors are significant in astrology even though they are products of impurities in the mineral which occurred while the gem was being formed.

In essence, buyers get a collection of bracelets and rings to choose from. They are not limited to a few colors. More so, zircon could pass for diamond as it’s the nearest gemstone to it. In fact, in the 14th century, it was marketed as diamonds. Also, good zircon is known for being transparent, affordable, and free of impurities.

Benefits of Zircon for Wearers

The benefits of zircon are indeed endless. It has many impacts on the health and many of them can be linked to astrology.

  • People who struggle with abdominal issues and diabetes can find relief when they wear pendants, rings or bracelets made of zircon.
  • Another huge benefit of zircon is that it aids good sleep. Equally, it initiates peace of mind and erases negative thoughts that tend to trigger fear and anxiety.
  • Zircon is also known for improving the immune system and relieving problems with the lungs or other respiratory organs.
  • Asthma patients can rely on zircon to heal them and reduce the occurrences of attacks.
  • Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical balance is one of the immense benefits of zircon.
  • Some also believe that zircon encourages prosperity, purity, harmony, and abundance in the family of anyone who wears any jewelry made of zircon.
  • Apart from its ability to ignite the wearer’s passion for truth, zircon aids memory and produces self-confidence throughout life.

Indeed, the benefits of zircon are endless. Wearers of bracelets and rings made with it can hope to enjoy beauty satisfaction, love, sound health, and an overall successful life.

Most of our bracelets incorporate Zircon - Now you can see the many benefits of using this versatile natural element in accessories.

April 26, 2018 by Brian Powers